SFR Press Release

  • SFR Press Release 23 / 03 / 17

    SFR’s fixed and mobile networks in February

     801 more municipalities covered by 4G and 287 by 4G+ 4G+ up to 300 Mbit/s now available in Orleans and Mulhouse78,000 new homes and businesses eligible for fiber connections(1) in 45 municipalitiesWith 3.6 million customer premises eligible for...

  • SFR Press Release 08 / 03 / 17

    Full Year and Q4 2016 Results

    Return to revenue growth in Q4 2016 +0.6% YoY (+0.8% YoY excluding regulatory impacts) after 24 quarters of decline, of which only 7 after Altice control; all business segments showing significantly improved performance2016 guidance achieved; revenue...

  • SFR Press Release 30 / 01 / 17

    SFR - NextRadioTV: Strategic partnership enters new phase

    NextRadioTV and SFR have announced that they have submitted an application to the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) for approval to enter into a new phase of their strategic partnership.

  • SFR Press Release 23 / 01 / 17

    SFR’s fixed and mobile networks in 2016: SFR announces 81% of population with 4G coverage and has more than 9.3 million connections eligible for fiber

    A year of record deployments for SFR, which benefited from Altice's investment capacity, industrial know-how and technological expertiseLeader in terms of 4G site openings in 2016, SFR now provides 4G coverage for 81% of the population (an increase...

  • SFR Press Release 20 / 12 / 16

    SFR’s fixed and mobile networks in November

    16 municipalities covered by Ultra-High-Speed mobile (or 4G+ UHD) 1,578 more municipalities covered by 4G or 4G+ 73,000 new homes and businesses eligible for fiber connections(1)   16 municipalities covered by Ultra-High-Speed mobile...

  • SFR Press Release 01 / 12 / 16

    SFR announces the appointment of Séverine Lèbre Badré as Head of Communications for the Group

    Séverine Lèbre Badré is appointed Head of Communication for SFR Group. With the support of the Telecom and Media entities, she will manage all of the Group's internal and external communications. She reports to Régis Turrini, General Secretary of...

  • SFR Press Release 30 / 11 / 16

    Fixed-line services quality of access: SFR Group leads the French telecom regulator’s latest ranking

    The latest semiannual report on the quality of access to fixed-line services published by telecom authority ARCEP on 28 November 2016 puts SFR Group (SFR or Numericable) in the lead for all criteria measured. The report also highlights that SFR Group...

  • SFR Press Release 22 / 11 / 16

    SFR’s fixed and mobile networks in October

    - With 125 000 additional homes and business premises eligible for fiber connections in October, SFR now exceeds 9 million fiber connections throughout France - 896 more municipalities covered by 4G

  • SFR Press Release 21 / 11 / 16

    Appointments to the Board of Directors of SFR Group

    At its meeting of 18 November, the Board of Directors appointed Anne-France Laclide, Director, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Bertrand Meheut, Director, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

  • SFR Press Release 10 / 11 / 16

    Q3 2016 Results

    Another material revenue improvement in Q3, declining 2.0% YoY excluding regulatory impact (-2.4% YoY including media assets on a pro forma basis)Return to EBITDA growthContinued fast FTTH / FTTB (8.9 million homes passed) and 4G/4G+ rollout (73%...