Corporate social and environmental responsibility report 2013

Le 09 / 09 / 14 | Posté par Estelle Ardouin
Corporate social and environmental responsibility report 2013

SFR is at the heart of the digital revolution in society. By connecting individuals, companies and local authorities, SFR contributes to the emergence of a more collaborative, more agile, smarter society. But like any revolution, the digitalisation of our society creates new challenges. Are our electronic communications protected? What happens to our personal data, collected here and there on the web? How can we guarantee digital equality between geographical regions? How can we manage energy consumption at a time when the number of machines and the amount of communications is increasing so rapidly? Does the digitalisation of society bring with it new inequalities? As a committed digital operator, there are so many questions to deal with.

For SFR is committed, and doubly so. We are committed to supporting the company’s transformations in a constantly changing telecoms market. SFR is ready to continue expanding in a highly competitive market. We are also committed to exploring digital potential, so that we can meet the economic, social and environmental challenges of our business in an innovative way.

SFR has set out its social and environmental policy by starting with its core business and defining the major challenges in terms of consumer protection, control of environmental impact, employee development and satisfaction, and social engagement. Managing this CSR policy involves practical commitments, the progress of which is monitored by indicators set out in line with national and international standards.

Our CSR policy is supported by regular dialogue with our stakeholders, including our employees. The fruit of multiple contributions from all departments, this report is the expression of the whole company’s involvement.

We invite you to discover all our commitments in the 2013 edition of our social and environmental responsibility report.

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