SFR Builds a Groundbreaking Modular and Scalable Datacenter in the Paris Region

Le 06 / 02 / 14 | Posté par Xiao-ou HSU
SFR Builds a Groundbreaking Modular and Scalable Datacenter in the Paris Region

SFR, France’s first operator to invest in a modular infrastructure, commissioned HP, Schneider Electric and Cap Ingelec to design and build a modular, high-density datacenter. In response to the growing need for data and application hosting, SFR focused on the facility’s scalability.

Over the past three years, SFR has invested in Trappes to optimize its main Datacenters and turn them into environmentally friendly facilities, using the latest technologies and a building block-based computer room design to deliver maximum reliability, availability and security.
SFR unleashes the full power of these cutting-edge technologies through a step change in design, which marks a new milestone it its data infrastructure strategy: the modular datacenter design.

Modularity: a first for an operator in France
This initiative expands SFR’s campus in Trappes, in the western suburbs of Paris. The modular design will help meet customers’ needs by enabling a more agile deployment. Indeed, the datacenter will scale up by adding identical, industrialized modules, so future expansions will require no alterations to existing equipment.
In addition, modularity also brings a financial innovation: SFR will invest in its datacenter progressively, “on demand”.

A project entrusted to HP, Schneider Electric and Cap Ingelec
Offering a complete solution, the three suppliers are implementing dense, virtualized architectures, including standardized building blocks that ensure simple and secure deployments and expansions.

As principal supplier, HP is responsible for the overall management of the project and works. HP will also oversee the engineering of the electrical equipment, air conditioning and the design of the computer rooms.

Schneider Electric will engineer the design of the technical and energy equipment, as well as supply its own industrialized modular solutions, free-cooling and chilled water systems, and its high-density IT building blocks solution InfraStruXureTM.

Cap Ingelec will construct the building and its outdoor furnishings (including the technical area), and is responsible for all safety and security elements: detection, fire extinguishing, access control, and video surveillance.

Besides part of SFR’s own IT systems, the modular, high-density datacenter in Trappes will host – as of January 2015 – all of the SFR Business Team’s Services & Cloud activities. It will also be open to other players of France’s “sovereign” cloud.

More than 100 major datacenters in France
A leader in hosting activities, SFR has more than 100 major datacenters across France, including seven flagship facilities. SFR’s Courbevoie datacenter is one of the country’s three largest: 12,000 m² used, 62 global operators hosted, and almost 50% of France’s internet traffic.

Facts & figures
The Trappes modular, high-density datacenter is:
- 12 Megawatts of reserved minimum capacity from national electricity supplier EDF: a consumption level equivalent to a town of 3,000 households.
- a power density at the bay five times higher than in existing datacenters: 15 kW vs. 3 kW.