Zive, Altice’s on-demand video service

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Zive, Altice’s on-demand video service

Zive, Altice’s on-demand video service, premieres exclusively for SFR’s fixed-line and mobile customers

  • Zive, France’s first SVOD service, goes live in December
  • More than 5,000 HD shows for the whole family; 15,000 by end-2016
  • The most extensive catalogue – including exclusive content – and the broadest choice of 4K/UHD shows
  • The best TV experience: innovative, multi-screen and offline

Zive, France’s first SVOD service, starts in December

On 17 November, Altice’s video-on-demand subscription service Zive premieres for SFR customers, with a unique catalogue of HD and 4K/UHD TV content – in four categories: Kids, Series, Cinema and Fun – from the world’s major studios and production companies (Disney, Disney●Pixar, ABC Studios, Warner Bros, Europa, Miramax, Sony Pictures Television, and France Télévisions). Zive benefits from Altice’s 20 years of experience as a partner of media and from the group’s international footprint and ability to enter agreements with some twenty of the largest French and international production companies, extending its catalogue of partners.

Premiering in France with SFR, Zive will become by the end of the year the country’s first SVOD service, bringing its customers exclusive content for €9.99/month including VAT. Zive is included in the fixed and mobile packages of SFR’s Power range, with the Zive mobile Extra.
With more than 5,000 films and episodes available from Day 1 (including half for family audiences), Zive will regularly extend its comprehensive, unconventional and competitive service to offer 10,000 items in the first half of 2016 and 15,000 at the end of next year.

More than 5,000 HD shows for the whole family; 15,000 by end 2016

Kids: the best offering for the young ones with 3,000 shows
To meet the high demand for a family SVOD service, Zive was designed and structured by age group, with shows and edutainment content for children.
Thanks to established, strategic partnerships with Disney, Viacom, Lagardère, Mediatoon, Cyber, Xilam, IMPS, Nathan as well as France Télévisions, Zive now offers a varied catalogue for kids of all ages:

  • Popular content with children’s favorite heroes: Trotro, Babar, Sam Sam, Lucky Luke, Tintin, Garfield, Lapins Crétins, Dora, Ninjago
  • A selection of the best from Disney and Disney●Pixar, with their greatest films, animated classics, adventure movies, comedies and many stories to be shared by the whole family
  • Edutainment programs for kids from ages 4 to 10 (animated books, nursery rhymes, novels) offered through an exclusive agreement with publishers Nathan
  • France Télévisions top nature and discovery series for unique experiences about the fauna, the planet and the environment.

Series: the full series and major references of the greatest studios
Zive includes classic TV series (Big Bang Theory, Supernatural), the most famous ABC Studios productions (Revenge, Scandal, Once upon a time, Desperate Housewives), the full and unabridged must-haves (Gossip Girls, Veronica Mars, V), as well as vintage and documentary series.
More exclusive series and original productions will be added in 2016.

Cinema: masterpieces, cult movies and documentaries for the whole family
Following an innovative editorial policy, Zive offers thematic programming every three weeks, inviting viewers to rediscover cinema from a new angle.
Every month, Carte Blanche showcases the favorite films of a personality from the world of media, sports or cinema. Thanks to a partnership with magazine STUDIO CINELIVE, subscribers will also discover “STUDIO CINELIVE’s ideal film library”.

Fun: enjoy with the whole family a karaoke competition or the best comedy, sports and wellbeing shows
This section will regularly be expanded with the shows by the best stand-up comedians, as well as extreme sports ranging from ski and snow to martial arts, motorcycles, inline skating and BMX.

The broadest choice of content – including exclusive – and the most extensive 4K/UHD catalogue available

On Day 1, in addition to its HD catalogue, Zive will offer more than 400 4K/UHK shows – including some exclusive. Indeed, Zive will offer – at no extra cost – some twenty 4K/UHD items in partnership with Sony Pictures Television, as well as the sports content of MCS’s new 4K/UHD channel, to launch in December.
Ten films will be available exclusively to Zive viewers until the end of January 2016: Total Recall (2012), Hancock, Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man 2, Jerry Maguire, World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Glory, Dracula, and Lawrence of Arabia.

The best TV experience: innovative, multiscreen and offline

To provide the best TV experience over a superfast broadband connection, Zive is offering at no extra cost a set of features enabling the whole family to view content anywhere on various screens, including offline.
Thanks to a single interface accessible on five screens, Zive is at the heart of content, at home and on the move. All family members can download shows and start watching them even before they finish downloading, select the quality of the downloads, then find and manage them easily in their dedicated space.

On 17 November, SFR is also introducing Fibre Zive de SFR, a next-gen set-top box with unique features, including NFC and Bluetooth, and innovative services such as Restart, Picture in Picture, and Quick’Zap to enjoy the best TV content and services from the comfort of one’s couch (see separate press release: SFR introduces the “Box Fibre Zive de SFR”, France’s most powerful set-top box, offering unique features and the best TV experience).

The Box Fibre Zive de SFR will be available with the Fibre Power+ subscription.

Detailed terms and conditions (in French, starting November 17) on www.sfr.fr.