SFR introduces the “Box Fibre Zive de SFR”

Le 09 / 11 / 15 | Posté par Xiao-ou HSU
SFR introduces the “Box Fibre Zive de SFR”

SFR introduces the “Box Fibre Zive de SFR”, France’s most powerful set-top box, offering unique features and the best TV experience

  • The smallest, most powerful all-in-one premium set-top box
  • The best TV experience and a new interface for multi-screen viewing
  • The first NFC and Bluetooth set-top box on the market

The most compact and powerful all-in-one smart set-top box

On November 17, SFR is launching the Box Fibre Zive de SFR, a unique set-top box on the French market offering innovative features for advanced services at the heart of the home. It relies on France’s leading fiber network with more than 7.4 million eligible connections at present (from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps).
Designed in France, it includes a 1 Gbps fiber modem, a 4K/UHD TV set-top box and a 500 Gb hard drive for recording and replaying live shows. The Box Fibre Zive de SFR also delivers the best WiFi coverage on the market, with dual band 802.11ac to achieve theoretical speeds of 1,750 Mbps. An HDMI In port provides control of other devices from the TV screen (e.g. Chromecast dongles, game consoles and Blu-Ray drives) and gives the set-top box a central role in the household.

The best TV experience and a new interface for multi-screen viewing

Thanks to its eight tuners, it is possible in particular to view at the same time a live show in 4K/UHD while keeping an eye on another channel thanks to the Picture in Picture feature, to record two other live shows, broadcast a channel to another screen in the household and enjoy the highest zapping speed on the market with Quick’Zap.

The Box Fibre Zive de SFR also has Restart, a unique feature in France that takes viewers back to the beginning of the show.

For the launch, SFR is unveiling its new, user-friendly interface that offers the best multi-screen TV experience. Designed to meet the needs of the family and rolled out on the new version of the SFR TV app, it enables uninterrupted viewing and use in the home and on the move. 

The first NFC and Bluetooth set-top box on the market

Box Fibre Zive de SFR stands out both by its technological power and services and by the digital experience it provides within the home. The first set-top box with native contactless technologies NFC and Bluetooth, it enables hassle-free pairing of the other devices in the home and makes using them truly enjoyable.

Thanks to simplified WiFi, devices are connected automatically and without installation. For instance, users can just touch their NFC smartphones to the set-top box to connect them, listen to music on their mobiles and stream it by Bluetooth on their home cinema sound system. Other connected devices will gradually appear for a richer digital experience at home.

SFR is also innovating with the arrival of Zive on its set-top box. This SVOD service launched on November 17 in France, exclusively to SFR customers, adds to the appeal of the Box Fibre Zive de SFR by offering more than 5,000 HD shows and almost 600 4K/UHD items at the time of launch (see separate press release - Zive, Altice’s on-demand video service, premieres exclusively for SFR’s fixed-line and mobile customers).

The Box Fibre Zive de SFR will be available with the Fibre Power+ subscription.

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