Numericable-SFR successfully prices new €1.68bn term loan

Le 23 / 10 / 15 | Posté par Xiao-ou HSU
Numericable-SFR successfully prices new €1.68bn term loan

October 22, 2015 - Numericable-SFR, a subsidiary of Altice Luxembourg S.A., today announced that it has successfully priced (i) a $1,340 million Term Loan and (ii) a €500 million Term Loan (“The Term Loans”).

The Term Loans have a January 2023 maturity and a margin over LIBOR/EURIBOR of 4.00% with a 0.75% LIBOR/EURIBOR floor.

Both loans were issued at an OID of 98.50.

The $1,340 million Term Loan has been swapped to €1,184 million with a margin of 4.15% and without a EURIBOR floor.

These financing activities improve both the weighted average maturity (from 5.9 to 6.1 years) and the weighted average cost of debt (from 4.9% to 4.8%) of Numericable-SFR.

Proceeds, together with cash on balance sheet and a drawing under the existing Revolving Credit Facility, will be used by Numericable-SFR to make the previously announced distribution (“the Numericable Dividend”) to shareholders in an amount of EUR 2.5 billion.

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