Alain Weill

Le 01 / 03 / 18 | Posté par la rédaction de SFR
Alain Weill

Alain WEILL is Altice France Chairman and CEO, Altice Media COO and SFR MEDIA CEO
Alain Weill began his career in 1985 as Director of the radio network NRJ. In 1992, he became the CEO of NRJ Group (made of 4 radio channels). In 2000, he acquired RMC radio and created the NextRadio group. He defined a new positioning for RMC made-up of 3 pillars: news, talkshows and sports, which made the success of the radio station. In 2002 he purchased BFM and turned it into a radio station dedicated to business and finance coverage. In 2005, he launched BFM TV, which became the leading news TV channel in France. The NextRadio group became NextRadioTV with close to 1000 employees. NextRadioTV group operates several TV channels (BFM TV, BFM Business TV, RMC Découverte, BFM Paris, BFM Sport, Numéro 23, SFR Sport 1), 2 radio stations (RMC, BFM Business Radio) and also includes high-tech and digital activities.

In 2016 Alain Weill is appointed CEO of SFR Media to manage all the media of Altice France.

Alain Weill holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and a MBA from HEC Business School.